About Us - A Odisha Handloom Legacy Since 1989

It has always been about the Odisha handloom experience.

Priyadarshini is an exclusive brand dealing in Odisha handloom fabric carefully handpicked for you, both in-store and online.

Since 1989 we have developed Priyadarshini into a brand that associates with values of honesty, consistency and uniqueness. We drive our strength from the thousands of artisans that tell their stories of life through the rich fabric of Odisha handloom and the countless of our customers who have made Priyadarshini their go to place to experience the vibrant, consitent quality of fabric it offers.
Priyadarshini Handloom is all about the community who are directly and indirectly affected by the unique culture and design of Odisha Handloom artistry. One of our strong pillars of our community is our team of over 40 professionals who make it their life mission to serve every customer to the fullest of possible. ( We love it when you call us over skype and allow us to help you get the Saree that your heart was set on ..)
In 2020, we believe it is also important we take the opportunity to take the next step in our existence and bring your loved and blessed Priyadarshini Handloom , one step closer to your heart. Over the few months we will be developing our online presence and systems that will allow you to reach for your favourite Suit-Set, Bed-Cover, Cotton and Silk Saree.
We also hope along the way you nudge us and let us know if there is a way we could improve our service because it has always been about you.
We reside at :
Western Towers, Market Building , Bhubaneswar -09
Next to B.D.A , Kharvella Nagar , Bhubaneswar- 01
International Teminal , Bhubaneswar
V.I.P Road, Puri -01