4 Essential Steps before you buy Handloom.

priyadarshini 4 steps to buy genuine handloomFinding the right saree can take a lot of time, it involves a lot of decisions and they can be at times a little frustrating, but we can help you with taking away a few of your doubts or uncertainties.


If you are a First time handloom buyer this is a must read for you, but if you have been a regular handloom buyer, this will be important for you as we can guide you through few of the key markers you should watch out for while buying handloom fabrics and sarees especially Online.

Let us bring Priyadarshini Handloom into the context. It is a weavers organisation for the past 30 odd years and promised to deliver genuine handloom products to it's customers, keeping and growing your trust. But don't take any promise for granted.

There are few things to look for while buying Odisha Handloom from us or anywhere else:



Learn about your sale of purchase retailer. Ask them if they are registered with the Handloom Association of India. The logo below is the handloom mark TM.

Handloom Mark

Handloom Association of India. Priyadarshini Handloom has been a member of this association since 1995. This will ensure the quality of the product when you purchase Cotton , Cotton Ikat.



The silk fabric/saree you buy need to be certified with the silk mark tag certificate. This proves the genuinely of the yarn and fabric. This will ensure the quality of your product. All Silk products are tagged with the silk mark certificate.

Silk Mark Of India



Handloom is the product of detail and human creation. Every piece will have a few furls in the end that shows the last weaves of the fabric . If your fabric has clean edges that signifies it is not a handloom product.



As any organization understand our promise  by joining us on our Social Media Platforms, Links are found at the footer of the website and join the conversation.


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