How to buy genuine Odisha handloom ?


Few things to look for while buying Odisha Handloom:

Learn about your sale of purchase retailer. Ask them if they are registered with the Handloom Association of India. 

Handloom Mark 

Handloom Association of India. Priyadarshini Handloom has been a member of this association since 1995. This will ensure the quality of the product when you purchase Cotton , Cotton Ikkat.


Silk Mark Of India

The silk fabric/saree you buy need to be certified with the silk mark tag certificate. This proves the genuinely of the yarn and fabric. This will ensure the quality of your product. All Silk products are tagged with the silk mark certificate.


Handloom is the product of detail and human creation. Every piece will have a few furls in the end that shows the last weaves of the fabric . If your fabric has clean edges that signifies it is not a handloom product.


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