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Priyadarshini Handloom has always been a community who have believed in the core principle of Self. The organisation has grown substantially since its inception and has always stayed true to the values of honesty and credibility. The sense of self comes from its' people , it's product and it's weavers.
Each and every member of our team understands the value of our customers and the value of the product . They ensure that every experience and opportunity of communication with our visitor is taken to better the experience of Priyadarshini. 
We often take the time out to organise yearly outings or picnic to improve the morale and better understand from our colleagues how we can take this journey into higher height with the core being you, the reader ,our customer.
Every time you visit us or drop by at our virtual presence , you can let us know how you have been part of this wonderful journey in the last 30 years or you just joined us .


During the humble beginnings of our venture from Bhubaneswar, Odisha Handloom fabric had a strong foothold in the local market but lacked awareness in the national market. Even though we understood just like flavors of food across the country had strong distinction and originality so did the handloom fabrics. Starting by adopting a handful weavers, we started to increase our collection of sarees and fabrics, always changing and adapting to colors, designs and patterns of time and demand. During the early 90’s it was clear that our customers loved the fabric and style, the continuous feedback that we raised from our patrons helped discover new ideas for the saree. 

Priyadarshini Handloom Bhubaneswar Showroom with Shabnam Azmi

Pic: Bhubaneswar Showroom, 1995

Then came the mid 90’s and we were eager to test the national markets for the demand of this unique handloom saree. We started with round the year expos and exhibitions at New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The expos were met with surprisingly a lot of love and demand. We saw there was a culture, rather a society that believed in the handloom industry and took pride in being associated with it. The rush was infectious and surely propelled us to deliver bigger and larger audiences with the same consistent quality and volume of sarees. This helps us grow larger and stronger as a family. Our artisans were inspired and they reacted with more enthusiasm for new designs and patterns.

Highlights :

Ashoka Hall, Mumbail, Priyadarshini Handloom ExhibitionBlind School, New Delhi , Odisha handloom Exhibition

Pic : Ashoka Hall, Mumbai 1994, Santa Cruz, Mumbai 1995, Blind School, New Delhi,1996

We went through the years in a blur, then came 2003 and it was a turning point where we created the largest handloom Odisha gallery at Puri. This helped us Fortify our roots and strengthen our bonds with the weavers’ families we had adopted. The gallery was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Naveen Pattnaik along with other Ministers and dignitaries. We honored various master weavers for their high achieving efforts and great masterpieces they produced. As years have gone by Puri has emerged as the tourist capital of Odisha and this has allowed us to serve our customers across the country who shared the love for handloom and local artisans same as us.

Pic: Inauguration of Puri Gallery of Priyadarshini Handloom is a reflection of the changing time as was all of our milestones, with this online platform we hope to bring you the same quality of Odisha fabrics and sarees experience while you enjoy the comforts of your home. 

We can only thank our customers and our team who have taken the journey with us, we hope to see you soon. Till then we are always available at all the major portals. Just drop us a message and we will be happy to help.




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    All varieties in the online portal is same as the show room or in Show room one can find more collections.Please suggest as I am residing in Bhubaneswar

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