(2- Mins Read) - Patachitra Cotton Collection from Priyadarshini Handloom

Hey Gorgeous!

If you are reading this, chances are you are fascinated by the look and feel of Patachitra Cotton Saree but are not sure what really makes them the way they are. Right of the top let us clear this, All patachitra sarees are hand-painted art over handloom sarees, they are not block printed. This ensures the paint are fabric grade and stand the test of a dry-wash. 'Pata-Chitra' is the formation of two words 'pata' means fabric/saree and 'Chitra' means paint/art. This form of art is practised majorly in the districts of Puri and the expressions are a result of inspired story-telling by the artist. When you own a Patachitra Cotton saree, you buy a pure cotton handloom saree on which the handpaint has been crafted.  Each of them constitute of a body, a pallu or Anchal and the border. The paint work is limited and restricted to only a few artist communities. We do have a lot of interesting collection which we suggest you do explore, but before you do have a look at the vibrant collection of Patachitra Cotton Saree. Enjoy!

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If you have read all the way through now go ahead and enjoy the world of handloom, explore for yourself and reason what makes every saree unique and a story told by an artist / weaver.