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(2- Mins Read) - Berhampuri Silk Collection from Priyadarshini Handloom

Hey GoodLooking ! Are you a new to handloom or if you have a keen fascination towards them. Reading along will surely help you understand the distinct style of Berhampuri Silk Saree. Some basics first, every Saree has 3 distinct parts in handloom (ikat) : Body, Pallu or Anchal and the Border.

Handloom fabrics are unique because they reflect the craft of a specific region and are majorly located in the rural belts and restricted the specific communities. One such belt is Berhampur of Odisha which has seen a rare production of it's handloom artist become a favorite among our customers. They are very distinct features, right of the top you can notice a narrow border with tall temple-esque projections. The body have a rich colour and the pallu have distinct multi-colour weaves. They have butta motifs weaved into the saree. These distinct attributes makes the Berhampuri Silk Saree a must have for occasions and parties. They will never dissapoint you if you are looking to add a little 'converstation starter'. We do have a lot of interesting collection which we suggest you do explore, but before you do have a look at the vibrant collection of Berhampuri Silk Collection. Enjoy!

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