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Handloom Certification

At Priyaodisha, we take great pride in our commitment to supporting the handloom industry in Odisha. All of our Sambalpuri handloom sarees are certified by the government of Odisha's Handloom and Textile department. This certification ensures that the sarees are made by skilled artisans using traditional handloom techniques and that they meet strict quality standards.

What is Handloom Certification?

Handloom certification is a government initiative aimed at promoting and protecting the handloom industry in India. The certification process involves a rigorous evaluation of the manufacturing process, including the quality of the raw materials used, the skill of the weavers, and the overall production standards. Only products that meet these strict standards are certified and allowed to use the handloom mark.

Why is Handloom Certification Important?

Handloom certification is important for several reasons:

  • It ensures that the products are authentic and made using traditional handloom techniques.
  • It supports the handloom industry and helps to preserve traditional weaving techniques.
  • It promotes fair trade practices and helps to protect the rights of handloom workers.
  • It guarantees that the products meet strict quality standards.

By purchasing certified handloom products, you can support the handloom industry in India and help to preserve traditional weaving techniques.