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      (2 Mins Read) - Odisha Handwoven Wedding Collection from Priyadarshini Handloom.

      Hey Beautiful!

      Is there a date set? Are there wedding bells ringing? Are you just in the mood to pamper yourself? We have you covered. This collection is all about gorgeousness and glamour. We have curated some of the finest sarees and among them shortlisted a few that we believe will be the perfect fit for any of the events mentioned above. You will find intricate designs of cotton weaves, the rich sheen of silk and Tussar and Tissue weaves. We do have a lot of interesting collections which we suggest you do explore, but before you do have a look at the vibrant collection of Ikat artistry. Enjoy!

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      If you have read all the way through now go ahead and enjoy the world of handloom, explore for yourself and reason what makes every saree unique and a story told by an artist/weaver. 

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